Leaping Into God, Singing As We Go

I think that what A Course in Miracles does for the serious student – because it is what any spiritual path will do for those who attend it with devotion and tenacity – is allow the space in which to discover – or recover, if you like – our fundamental unity with God. Our fundamental oneness.

It allows that space – but it does not mandate that we enter it, nor dictate what we are to do once we enter it. It’s important to see this. When we choose to become students of the course, we assume responsibility for what happens. Insight cannot be forced on us. So if we are going to learn anything – if we are going to see the internal horror show undone – we are going to have to bring some energy to it. We are going to have to give some energy.

What energy? We can’t talk our way to it. We can’t write or paint our way to it. The action is internal. It is a decision to accept that there is nothing to seek. It is the acceptance of “there is nothing else for you to find except the peace of God” (W-pI.200.1:5). If we make that the single fact of our lives – if we did – then the energy would be there. The world bends to love the one who knows there is nothing to find but God.

This is such a personal process. It is like my devotion to Emily Dickinson. Nobody else could take that step for me – nobody else can mediate her for me. You make the decision to enter what resonates and you don’t deviate from it. It’s scary because it’s like leaping off a cliff. What if I am making the wrong choice here? What will I lose? None of us escape those doubts. It’s okay. Dickinson herself said:

The Soul’s distinct connection
With immortality
Is best disclosed by Danger
Or quick calamity –

So I am saying that we need to find out if A Course in Miracles works. We need to find out if there is nothing to discover but the Love that is God. We aren’t talking about it. We are leaping into it, singing as we go.

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