Lost Sections of the Manual for Teachers: Nonviolence

Here is a lost section from the Manual for Teachers in A Course in Miracles:

The Teacher of God is nonviolent. He does not recognize conflict at all. In any circumstance in which his interests appear to separate from his brother’s, he quietly bridges the gap by remembering that his brother is his savior, and that salvation is their shared need and their ONLY need. By recognizing no other need but this one, the Teacher of God easily sets aside all perception of conflict. He withdraws his support of it, and thus it no longer exists.

Do you think that you or your brother can oppose the Love of your Father in Heaven? The Teacher of God knows that God Wills only Peace, and because He Wills it, it is so. What is true cannot be made false by denial. It can be forgotten but not destroyed, for what God creates is as eternal as He is. Knowing this, the Teacher of God gives attention only to Creation, accepting His Creator’s Will to create as He does. Peace is created together because the illusion of conflict is ended together and only in Peace can Love be wholly remembered.

Who can be violent who has no conflict because he has no enemy? Who goes to war with his Savior? Who would abandon his brother, knowing his brother as his own self? These are insane ideas, entertained only by a mind that chooses to believe in death over Life, illusion over Truth, and shadow over Light. The Teacher of God refuses to be host to these ideas because he knows that God gives ONLY Life, Truth and Light. Thus, he sees only with the Vision of Christ, and speaks only with the Voice for God, because he knows that this is the only way to remember the Love he and his brother both share and are. What else does a Heavenly Creator create BUT Peace? What other gift could He possibly offer?

The Teacher of God perceives no conflict simply because he has forgiven the mistaken belief from which all conflict seems to arise. By remembering his brother as his own self, the Teacher of God undoes the framework upon which all conflict rests. Without a foundation, and lacking any structural support, conflict simply disappears. It was never real. The Teacher of God knows that the choice is not between war and Peace, but between forgetting Peace and remembering Peace. And he knows as well that it is not his power of choice that establishes Peace as the condition of God’s Creation. He can but choose to be happy or not, and this choice IS to see his brother as the savior of his self.

In this way, the Teacher of God establishes through extension both the means and the foundation of Peace.

No suggestion is made – nor should one be inferred – that this is channeled material or that it belongs in the ACIM material proper, at least as scribed by Helen Schucman. It is just another writing project of mine, one of many, and should be evaluated only according to its helpfulness which of course will vary.


  1. This offering, this way.

    Thank you for putting forth this clarity. It would be lovely to read more “lost” sections. 🙂

    Continued peace to and from you, Sean.

    1. it is the way of the Magdalene, it is after the last turn, all of which you know better than I do so as always Jessica thank you 🙏

  2. Thank you Sean. How was this section lost? I’m a new student to ACIM.

    This writing resonated with me with had happened a few days ago. Even when I remember that everyone I see is my brother, how exactly is the conflict going to be dropped? And I’m talking about a situation of different preferences between 2 people, with me in the middle. I wish I could just do it..!

    1. Hi Ami,

      It is not really lost – it’s just me writing a certain way about the course. I feel like this understanding of nonviolence – this application of it in my living – has been deeply helpful, and it feels like it arises in the deep way that learning arises from reading the Manual.

      I am being a bit too clever probably in trying to phrase it this way, a bit too egoic 🙂

      I don’t think that we are called to solve problems so much as see them clearly, which always means seeing the way in which we are the one doing it – it’s a problem because of OUR mind, not what the other person/persons is doing.

      So we just have to see this and then ask the Holy Spirit to help us see it differently, as God/Love would see it.

      And yes – that is easy to say but to live it in the world and in the body is another thing. Nonviolence is, for me, a helpful frame for actually living it.

      Thank you for being here and welcome to the course! I hope it is as helpful and disruptive for you as it has been for me and others!!


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