Principle Thirty-One of A Course in Miracles

Miracles should inspire gratitude, not awe. You should thank God for what you really are. The children of God are holy the miracle honors their holiness, which can be hidden but never lost (T-1.I.31:1-2).

Miracles are natural expressions of love; they remind us that we are one with God, and that our brothers and sisters are also one with God. Conflict becomes impossible; peace and happiness no longer come and go but stay with us because they are us.

Gratitude is the natural response to this new way of living. Thankfulness arises without effort because it is merely another word for love.

If we feel awe before the miracle we are confused. Awe implies inequality, and the miracle establishes our utter equality. What is one is not comprised of what is greater and lesser, but only what is the same. Miracles are not supernatural; they are not transgressions.

Miracles support us; they do not undermine us. They remind us of what we are, not what we were or could be. We don’t thank God for what we get; that is not what miracles are about. We don’t thank God for what changes, one way or the other.

We thank God for what we are, because all the miracles does is establish what is true about us. God has but one child and we are it. If God is love then we are love; if God is peace then we are peace; if God is merciful and just then we are merciful and just.

Our gratitude is our connection to God and to our brothers and sisters in God.

All of God’s children are holy; all of Creation is holy. Holiness is not a behavioral attribute that some of us have and others don’t. It is not something we have in degrees. It is that which is innate and unchangeable in each of us, without consideration of our actions or beliefs.

Miracles honor that holiness. They reflect holiness throughout Creation, like a light endlessly extending love and peace and happiness. Our holiness can be hidden – it can be forgotten – but it cannot be lost. It cannot be injured or impaired in any way.

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