Seeking the Law of Love

We have to reach the junction where we see our own specialness, which means being willing to understand that specialness is not love but hate. This is easy to hold as a spiritual ideal but hard to live out in terms of the body.

Basically, if we see something in ourself that we believe makes us different from our brothers and sisters, then we are still seeing specialness.

If we think there is something we have earned through our challenging but faithful spiritual effort, then we are still seeing specialness.

If we think we have been given something that can be owned, that we can have while others don’t, then we are still seeing specialness.

Any difference by which we come out ahead, as if life were a game one could win and another lose – even the faintest whiff of such a difference – means that we are all the way lost in a nightmare of specialness.

This is a very hard hill to climb. It is like facing a garden overwhelmed by neglect.

The Law of Love (which we are allowed to remember) brings forth only equality; it has no other function. Love sees only what is the same. Appearances mean nothing to it at all.

If we see differences, then our vision is still limited to the level of form. We still think form is where value and meaningfulness reside. Thinking this way is not a crime against God or nature, but it does not make us happy because it does appear to violate the Law of Love.

And sometimes the effects of this violation do seem to go beyond mere “unhappiness,” as anyone who reads a newspaper or uses social media knows.

So our work is to keep climbing the hill, keep rooting out those notions of specialness which are the means by which ego sustains the separation. We just keep going until the form disappears and all we see is love and the call for love, which – because they both bring forth the same response, love – are both expressions of the Law of Love.

This can seem like a journey of lifetimes, but in fact the more attention we give it, the more time bends to accommodate us. It can seem impossible – root out all specialness? – but after a while the weeds literally leap into our hands. It’s like reality wants to be remembered. It’s like we’re wearing a blindfold and all we have to do is remove it.

It’s like Christ is real, and you and I are it, and that’s that.

It’s like there’s only one law, and everything else is an illusion, including our confusion about the one law by which Creation is.

So keep climbing the divine mountain. Keep weeding the psyche’s garden. Keep going until you discover the law by which the ideas “you have no problems” (T-26.II.3:3), “giving and recieving are the same” (T-26.I.3:6) and “you are doing this to yourself” (T-27.VIII.10:1) are made true.

The Law of Love is there to be found. Our seeking makes it so.

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