The Thirtieth Principle of A Course in Miracles

By recognizing spirit, miracles adjust the levels of perception and show them in proper alignment. This places spirit at the center, where it can communicate directly (T-1.I.30:1-2).

By affirming our identity as spirit and de-emphasizing our identity with the body, the miracle brings all levels of perception into alignment with Truth. This creates a sense of peace and order in us which naturally extends outward to all our brothers and sisters. We call this extension “communication.”

“Alignment” here does not refer to a straight line or to a hierarchy but rather to a more general harmony, where all is well and all things are in their rightful place. You could imagine a baseball diamond with all the players in their proper positions. Everything is in order; there is no deviation.

Our bodies perceive the world – bring it forth really – through varying senses such as sight or sound or smell. Emotions arise – accelerated heart beat, sweaty palms, tension headaches. These felt experiences are named and categorized by the intellect, which is yet another level of physical experience. Every thought, every emotion, every sensation reflects perception.

At the center of all this activity – the center where it still and quiet – Spirit resides. Spirit interprets all the data, discerning patterns that add up to love or the cry for love. And it knows – because of Who created it, and from Whom it cannot be apart – that love is always the right response to both.

“Center” here can be understood to refer to the core of awareness or consciousness. At the center is the true self, from which the light of God emanates, and in which all experience is recognized and known. At the center is Christ.

When Christ is our center, then we know order, and perception of the divine becomes inevitable. We know that we are extensions of God in Creation, and that share this identity with all of life. In this way, communication is enhanced, both with our brothers and sisters, and with the Holy Spirit and ultimately with God.

Miracles restore a sense of order to our living by placing us in direct contact with the Voice for God, Whose direction and guidance always lead us to a state of happiness and peace, allowing us to become of greater service to one another, reinforcing the order to our living. Miracles are iterative and generative.

It is helpful to remember that perception is inherently flawed, because the ego always interprets in terms of the past, which can only serve its goal of sustained conflict. Yet the past, because it is gone, has no causative power. It is fundamentally illusory.

The miracle allows us to release this flawed approach to understanding perception, and to interpret it instead with the Holy Spirit, Who sees only opportunities to learn – yet again – that we are Love Itself and Love holds everything. This is all we need to know, and all we can know.

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