The Twenty-First Principle of A Course in Miracles

Miracles are natural signs of forgiveness. Through miracles you accept God’s forgiveness by extending it to others (T-1.I.21:1-2).

Again, the emphasis here is that miracles are natural – they are not supernatural. They are not spectacles. They are tools used by God to strengthen the faith of believers, or persuade the undecided.

Miracles are simply shifts in perceptions that occur when we see the world, our self, and others rightly. Forgiveness is not pardoning somebody for a bad thing they did. Rather, it is not seeing good or bad at all, but only a brother or sister who is out equal in the eyes of the Creator in the context of Creation.

Thus, when we “forgive” according to A Course in Miracles, we recognize the inherent unity and innocence of all beings, and let go of the illusion of separation, which letting go naturally undoes our guilt and fear. When we forgive, we remember – and agree to not forget again – that our true identity is not defined by ego and its limited perception.

Thus, the miracle effectively opens us to the Love and oneness that are our divine state.

Our brothers and sisters are essential to miracles. We cannot remember our innocence alone, and we cannot remember the innocence of others if we do not remember that God created us innocent. Miracles insist on our interconnectedness in Creation, and also that this unity is a function of our Creator, who cannot know us as other than unified.

Thus, this principle encourages us to recognize the ego can do nothing but perpetuate the illusion of separation, and to accept only the Holy Spirit’s interpretation of experience. This acceptance is a miracle, becuase it does not depend on our own judgment, it does not feed our grievances.

Rather, it restores to our awareness that our identity lies in unconditional love and acceptance. This naturally leads to a deeper and more sustainable peace, one that we can extend to all the world, extending the range of our shared awakening.

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