A Course in Miracles Lesson 117

God, being Love, is also happiness (Lesson 103).

I seek but what belongs to me in truth (Lesson 104).

The commitment we make in our daily ACIM practice is to accept no substitute for love. Even if we are unsure what love is – even if we are lost with respect to it – even if we are utterly bereft – we still resolve to accept no substitute for love.

Our devotion and our intention in this regard are what allow the happy revelation of God as Love to be reawakened in us. We have forgotten what we are in truth, and when we are ready to be reminded, then the Holy Spirit will gently undo all that obstructs our awareness of Love.

And as each impediment is dissolved, joy will flow through us, a single shared stream of light reminding us of the One Life beyond appearances.

Those obstructions appear legion yet they are really neatly summed up in this phrase: a firmly-held belief that we are bodies in a world, and thus subject to the ravages of time and space. We are dead and we are going to die, and from this trap we cannot escape.

Thus, A Course in Miracles is in many ways an invitation to reclaim our inheritance as God’s Children. In doing so, we see the “trap” of time and space for the illusion it is; we do not escape because we are not caught.

We are simply resting in the gentle remembrance that dawns slowly but surely in our mind that peace and joy are gifts given to us in Creation. Laying claim to them is not an error; it is not an exercise of selfishness. It is actually the precise opposite: it is a correction and an exercise of creation that extends to all life.

Thus, we can ask as part of our practice of this review lesson, do we accept that Love and joy are our inheritance in Creation? Is this our truth?

We will not answer this questions with words. Rather, we will see if we are happy or unhappy. There is no other metric that gauge our progress, because there is no goal that is worthy of us in Creation.

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