A Course in Miracles Lesson 118

God’s peace and joy are mine (Lesson 105)

Let me be still and listen to the truth (Lesson 106).

In our practice it is good to make space to sit quietly and give attention to what appears in the interior – the thoughts and feelings, the underlying belief system, the void from which it all emerges, and that from which the void itself arises.

We don’t have to do anything in this space other than be open-minded. Our observation is not conditional on what it observes. It is merely given to observation itself. We place no restrictions, set no conditions. Whatever is, that’s what is.

This is what it means to “be still and listen to the truth” (W-pI.rIII.3:4).

Listen, and hear your Father speak to you through His appointed Voice, which silences the thunder of the meaningless, and shows the way to peace to those who cannot see . . . Be not deceived by voices of the dead, which tell you they have found the source of life and offer it to you for your belief (W-pI.106.2:1, 3).

That language sounds dramatic – “thunder of the meaningless” “voices of the dead” – but that is merely symbolic language emphasizing the power of the clarity that comes to those who are willing to hear only the Voice of God, and to be guided by no other voice.

The truth of our identity is neither a name nor a description, but an experience of truth that exchanges the substitutes for love that we have made for the perfect and eternal joy and peace that are God’s gift to us in Creation.

In this way we learn that in truth there are no substitutes for the gifts of God.

There is no substitute for truth. And truth will maket his plan to you as you are brought into the place where you must meet with truth. And there you must be led, through gentle understanding which can lead you nowhere else. Where God is, there are you. Such is the truth (T-14.VIII.4:1-5).

We cannot be separate from God. We are not separate from God. We are united with our Creator in Creation, and this unity is without beginning or end, and is cannot be altered or affected by anything external because there is nothing external.

Thus, our practice today is simply to reinforce our willingness to give attention to God’s call which is in us as the longing to be perfectly happy and totally free. Freedom and happiness are not separate, but rather two names for the same experience, which itself is wordless.

Today, let us make a quiet space together in which we can be led by grace to the home grace makes for those it knows as family. Let us be welcomed there, and let us extend this welcome to one another, that the whole world might remember the way out of its dream of suffering.

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