A Course in Miracles Lesson 144

My mind holds only what I think with God.

There is no love but God’s (Lesson 127).
The world I see holds nothing that I want (Lesson 128).

Our minds hold only what we think with God. Let us imagine that today God wants us to think how there is no Love but God’s and the world that we see holds nothing that we want.

What does it mean that there is no Love but God’s?

It might mean that what we are calling love right now is not love at all but something else. This is hard to think about but doing so can be helpful.

Say that I love my dog very much. My love for my dog is as close to unconditional and perfect as you can get. Very few people rank above my dog in terms of how I love them. This is my truth! I’m not going to pretend otherwise . . .

The first thing God would notice is that we are pretending love has degrees. We are pretending that there is such a thing as a little love and a lot of love, and that we know what the difference is and how to apply it. But there is only love! If it has degrees – if it produces differences that seem to matter – then it’s not love. It’s hate. What else but hate would deny the totality of Love?

That makes sense intellectually but it still feels wrong, doesn’t it. It feels like there’s something good in my love for my dog; it doesn’t feel like hate. It doesn’t feel like something God would condemn. Help me move on from maybe – to greater and greater understanding and expression of love, sure – but not condemn.

And, indeed, that is exactly how my love fro my dog – which is a form of hate so far as the world of form goes – is gently redeemed and brought into such proximate alignment with God’s that it becomes a veritable beacon of holiness unto all to the world.

In other words, since the only Love is God’s Love, then even this little tiny love between Sean and his dog is God’s Love. The beam of light that thought it was separate from the sun is gathered back into all the light there is. “The ripple without the ocean is inconceivable” (T-18.VIII.4:6).

If this true – if all love is God’s Love, and God’s Love does not admit to difference or distinction at all – then what remains but that Love? All the forms dissolve – the dog, the friend, the lover, the child, the blue book named A Course in Miracles. Who needs to limit content to form when they learn they have all the content there is, no form necessary?

The world holds nothing that we want because we already have everything we want, which is God’s Love, which is all the Love there is.

This is the way to peace.

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