A Course in Miracles Lesson 145

My holds only what I think with God.

Beyond this world there is a world I want (Lesson 129).
It is impossible to see two worlds (Lesson 130).

The clarity of Lessons 129 and 130 braces us for the decision we are called to make: do we want to see the real world or do we want to remain stuck in illusions, and the despair and chaos they bring forth?

We can’t have it both ways. There is no such thing as a little Heaven or a little hell. What do we want? And, are we ready to choose it?

While there is value in investigating these questions – going deeply into our answers, allowing understanding to be the stable foundation of forgiveness – today we are not asked to linger on them in that way. Today we take a different approach.

Today we hold those questions lightly and give the whole of our attention to God’s Word. We enter the quiet space of listening, and simply allow Creation to express itself as it wills. When we do this, we recognize that we are not doing anything. Therefore, we do not actually have to decide anything. It has already been decided; it is already true.

You have reached the end of an ancient journey, not realizing yet that it is over. Your are still worn and tired, and teh desert’s dust still seems to cloud your eyes and keep you sightless. Yet He Whom you welcomed has come to you, and would welcome you . . . Receive it now of Him, for He would have you know Him (T-18.VIII.13:1-3, 5).

Our liberation is not a moment of self-insight but rather a forgetting of the self altogether. When we forget the self, the body and the world lose their luster, and our attention naturally gravitates towards its resting place in God. We are freed from personality, freedom from the needs to survive, freed from the need to compete with our brothers and sisters.

We are freed from the obligation to solve the problem of what we want and how to get it. We have no problems.

The mind that wants only to remember what it holds with God, and in that remembrance, realizing at last what it is in truth, does not have any wants. It does need to choose anything for there is nothing to choose between. Creation has no opposite; no more does Love.

Thus, our review today is in practice a gentle step away from learning goals and towards gratitude, which is always how Love finds a home in us. Let us be thankful and not worry about what need to do or not do; it is done. Our thankfulness is the light in which we know the truth.

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