A Course in Miracles Lesson 211

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created me.

A Course in Miracles corrects the error that we are separate from God. It restores to awareness our identity, which simultaneously restores to awareness both our function of loving in a loveless place (T-14.IV.4:10) AND the means by which it can be accomplished. This is the end of suffering and our return our natural state of joy and peace.

Today, we are offered a clear and unequivocal answer to the question of what am I? The answer is, we are the holy Children of God – we are extensions of God; we are creations of God. And this unity we share with God cannot be dissolved or undone. It is inherent in what God is AND what we are.

Your will is still in you because God placed it in your mind, and although you can keep it asleep you cannot obliterate it . . . The miracle itself is a reflection of this union of Will between Father and Son (T-5.II.1:5, 7).

Saying it is one thing! Knowing the truth of it – in a way that allows us to become both happy and peaceful, and to extend that happiness and peace to all the world, and all our brothers and sisters – is another. Often, our ability to memorize a charming phrase can bock the actual learning the phrase would otherwise teach us.

We don’t want to substitute easy repetition for the work of remembering our intimate union with God.

Hence the essence of the devotional prayer today. We become silent in order to behold God’s glory in us, which is the interior witness unto our innocence and perfection, which witness naturally ends all conflict and grief.

We are asking God to show us once again the nature of our identity and the way in which that nature is revealed only in relationship – us with God, us with our brothers and sisters, all of us as one. It is “only in relationships that salvation can be found” (P-2.in.4:3).

Silence and humility are the means by which this glory is revealed (W-pII.211.1:2). Silence means that we are listening; we are not beseeching or pleading. We are not arguing. We are simply being fully and totally available.

Humility is the recognition that we do not – in and of our own selves – have the means. Our means have gotten us into the mess of separation; our means have produced the deleterious effects of separation. So we are not coming with any sense of expectation or grandiosity; we are not seeking credit for anything. We are not pretending we are spiritual giants.

Rather, we are coming as children unto our God – with simplicity and trust – and asking (without any sense of entitlement or insistence) – to be shown again the truth of our identity, and the rich fullness of our nature. We might intuit the answer intellectually, and that’s fine. But today we are asking to know in a fuller sense.

Who am I? A Child of God remembering with and for every other Child our Father in Heaven, and the peace and happiness that naturally follow that remembrance. And there is no way for us to do this work except together.

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