A Course in Miracles Lesson 45

God is the mind in which I think.

There are two things about this lesson of A Course in Miracles that jumped out at me. The first was a couple of lines set about halfway through the lesson, lines that suggested our egoic thoughts are actively working against God’s will for us.

We will not let the beliefs of the world tell us that what God would have us do is impossible. Instead, we will try to recognize that only what God would have us do is possible (W-pI.45.4:5-6).

This seemed important to me today. They aren’t lines that I’ve underlined or noted from previous rounds of the workbook. But today they held a special meaning.

One of the themes of the course that is increasingly clear to me is the degree to which the ego does not mean us well. We’re apt to forget this. But from time to time – either explicitly or in powerful image-based language – the course tells us that the ego is our enemy and that it wants us dead and would kill us in a second if it could figure out a way to survive without us. The ego is most definitely not our friend. And since it’s the ego that guides us most of the time, we are living in – and following rules for decision – that have but one goal in mind: chaos, misery and death.

Most people – including lots of long-time course students – resist this. Me too, sometimes. Life is good! I’m feeling happy vibes! Whatever. But all the time, the ego is working hard to keep us away from joy, to keep us away from peace.

This lesson called my attention to that today. And it made sense. I had one of those days that feels – in the right ways – world-based. My classes were intense and demanding. There were several errands outside the house. We got home late and dinner was rushed. Kids are cranky. I can’t quite shake this cold.

So each time I turned to the lesson, I could feel very clearly this sense that today was the wrong day for it. I’ll get it tomorrow or the next time I do the lessons. Heck, there’s always the review periods. And I had to remind myself to buckle down and really try to reach God. To really rely on Jesus as my model. I think we have to develop this attitude that we’re going to wake up now! Today – right here. It’s so easy to find reasons not to do that. And so time keeps frittering away and so do we.

The other thing that was interesting – and which I have taken note of in previous applications – was this idea that below the clutter of our worldly egoic thoughts is the foundation that we think with God. And – this is the key – that foundation is changeless. This is what the Course says about the thoughts that we think with God.

They are in your mind now, completely unchanged. They will always be in your mind exactly as they always were. Everything you have thought since then will change, but the Foundation on which it rests is wholly changeless (W-pI.45.7:2-4).

The ego has lots of ideas about what enlightenment is or what awakening will be like. They’re not good yardsticks. We don’t really know what that’s going to be like because the ego has no language nor experience with which to suggest it. And what it suggests isn’t trustworthy anyway. In the lines I just quoted, we get some interesting suggestions (from a trustworthy source) about what that experience is going to be like.

We’re used to thoughts that shift and change. Mine do. They float around, change shape, get judged, get massaged, get admired. It’s busy in that brain! But the thoughts I think with God are a foundation – which means that they don’t move. They don’t change. That fascinates me, even though I can’t pretend to really understand it. What is a thought that never changes? What is a thought that is so strong and unmoving that it can serve literally as a foundation?

That felt like a clue to what is coming – a reminder of the glimpses into Heaven I sometimes steal. I felt very grateful for them.

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        1. Hey Philip . . . You’re welcome . . . Tara Singh is a lovely and thoughtful teacher . . . I am so grateful to have come into contact with him, and grateful to make the introduction . . . Enjoy the holidays . . .


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