A Course in Miracles Lesson 55

This ACIM Lesson review is a chance to see again – to experience again – that we do not not know our own best interests because we do not know who or what we are. Our experience, filtered through the ego’s teaching lens, establishes that we suffer alone in a world of chaos. It is this we try to avoid, or try to fix, or try to reimagine. But the solution has nothing to do with activity on our part. The only real problem we have is that we think we have a problem. The abstract solution is to remember that none of this is real because we are not separated from God. The specific solution is to adopt the teacher who will help us remember.

Do you see how the narrative voice has changed with the reviews? In the regular lessons, Jesus is addressing – “you” have this experience, “you” think that, “you” must try to do this in order to heal. But now we are in the first person. “I don’t know the truth about myself.” This is a deliberate shift, and it accomplishes two things.

First, it begins to merge our self with that of Jesus. Remember that Jesus is our model – the separated child of God who followed the Holy Spirit to full acceptance of the Atonement. He’s like us, or we’re like him. A big part of A Course in Miracles is undoing the reverence and awe (or fear and guilt) that we feel in relation to Jesus. He’s a devoted big brother, a loving coach, a cheerleader. As we utilize our voice in the manner that he uses his, we are subtly reminded of this equality. This matters. What Jesus accomplished, we can accomplish.

The other thing that happens is that we begin to learn that Course ideas can be expressed in many ways, and often the most effective is in language that is personal to us. Several main lessons near the end of the first fifty encourage us to try restating the lesson in the form of related ideas. We are being given license to integrate them more fully into our experience. Truly, we are being called to become the lessons – not merely adopt them as new rituals.

Why is that helpful? Because the more loving our thoughts become, the easier it is to turn those thoughts toward the Holy Spirit. Indeed, the fact that they are loving is evidence that they are flowing from and to and with the Holy Spirit already. Thus, we are taking the teacher who can translate our experience from the doom and gloom and anguish of the ego to the peaceful light of Heaven.

It is easy to slip a bit on the review sections. But they are here for a reason and they are set up the way they are for a reason. When we glance over them, we don’t hurt ourselves. We merely fail to use time as constructively as possible. We are postponing our return to Heaven. And that prompts the only question that makes much sense: why wait?

2 thoughts on “A Course in Miracles Lesson 55”

  1. Well stated. The shift to the first person had eluded my consciousness in words. Not in experience . I had much resistance in merging . That old authority issue kept distracting till I sat quietly in meditation seeing the dark clouds (thoughts) swirling by and gently noticed a place of calm , being witness to the fury. It became an easy choice in that holy instant.

    Doom, gloom and anguish of the ego or the peaceful light of Heaven.

    I do not know what anything is for. But this clear choice given by the Holy Spirit was something without thought only acceptance. For to give my doom , gloom and anguish to Holy Spirit for the Kingdom is to simply recognize Home or what is eternally without opposite.

    1. That’s it, Tom. We get to hand over hell in exchange for Heaven. It all comes down to willingness and trust – if we let the Holy Spirit do its job, then we are free.

      Thanks for reading & writing!

      ~ Sean

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