A Course in Miracles Lesson 56

One of the more encouraging ideas in A Course in Miracles was that no matter how intense my investment in the world was, and no matter how cleverly or angrily or violently my ego railed against my wholeness, the Truth and beauty of the undivided God remained unassailed. Even before I fully appreciated this concept in the metaphysical sense, I felt behind it some principle of blessing that I needed. We haven’t done anything wrong. It’s all a dream.

I slip in and out of that faith. Hours might pass before I look up and remember to remind myself that this is just an illusion, that I’m on my way to remembering that I’m home with God and never left. Just saying that it helpful. It is encouraging to think that we can’t screw up Heaven and that we aren’t the children of a God who could even consider abandoning us on the basis of bad behavior. God doesn’t judge. God doesn’t have the apparatus with which to judge.

There is real freedom and hope in that. I grew up as many Christians did with a sort of shadow tailing after me. God sees you all the time – he knows your every thought. Talk about Big Brother! It was as if there was a cosmic scorecard and I knew that I was always coming up wanting. Spend a few years in that state and you start to lose hope. You stop seeing the point. You drift, and not in a good way.

This review encompasses two lessons – 29 and 30 – that make clear that a) we’re not actually capable of interfering with Heaven, even if we wanted to and b) we are never without God, even though we’ve banished that fact from our mind. We don’t have to believe these lessons all the time – in fact, it’s okay to doubt them altogether. That’s the point. Their efficacy and their reality is not established with our consent – the only power we have is to decide when we will remember them. Beyond the mean chattering of the ego and the dreary and desolate turning of the world’s pages, the Truth lies shining and pure. We’ll get there when we’re ready.

All of this only makes sense when we accept that God is in our mind, as we are in his. This is why the Kingdom continues forever without blemish. This is why our unity with the Divine is without compromise or break. So we have to make contact with our real mind – we have to slip past the ego, the talk of right and wrong, and we have to make contact with the light that is in us in a very real, very tangible way. And to do this, we have to accept too that our bodies are in our minds – and that it’s not the other way around.

This is the hurdle – the turning point – that we all have to cross: to accept that the world is not real and bodies are not real and the we that we belive we are is not real either. It’s all an old dream in the mind of God. It’s hard to get all at once. Maybe it’s impossible in one fell swoop. But we can take little steps. We can spend a few minutes here and there making contact with these ideas. And our reality will proceed to shift. It will change. And one day we’ll wake up and realize that there’s nothing to do and nowhere to go and we’ll be living in the bright consistency of Heaven. That is the promise of A Course in Miracles. And every lesson – review or otherwise – has the power to bring us to that knowing.

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