A Course in Miracles Lesson 62

Forgiveness is my function as the light of the world.

Forgiveness is a perceptual correction. It is the means by which we experience the present, the right-this-moment now, without the judgment of the past or the expectation of the future. It is the tool by which we bring the lessons of the Holy Spirit into application, undoing each illusion about ourselves, one another and the world and thus returning to Heaven.

Forgiveness appears to be an activity, simply because we have to do it. It’s not familiar right now – not a habitual mindset, and so we have to work to adopt it and maintain it. We have to be vigilant. We have to decide that we want to forgive, that we want to learn how to forgive.

Really, to practice forgiveness is synonymous with choosing the Holy Spirit as our guide or teacher. It’s something that we do when we’re in the throes of the ego because it’s not valuable to the ego. To forgive is to extend love instead of fear-based judgment. Love undoes the ego because it establishes the perfect equality of all things and thus removes the need for a separation device of any kind.

Forgiveness is another way of seeing clearly – of not having private thoughts. Forgiveness allows fear of all stripes and degrees to be raised to the light. That’s a way of saying that it’s okay to look at what you’re feeling, no matter how crazy or insane or scary it is. To the Holy Spirit it’s all the same because none of it is love so none of it is real. That’s the freedom we get by choosing the Holy Spirit – we offer up all our baggage without exception – and it’s taken and disposed of without question or comment. That is undoing. We lift the seeming worst of ourselves up to where we can see it clearly and the Holy Spirit literally shines it away. It’s gone. We are forgiven.

“It is the privilege of the forgiven to forgive (T-1.I.27:2).” When we know ourselves as forgiven, we naturally extend that forgiveness to our brothers and sisters. Doing so is a gift to ourselves. Forgiveness is a sort of bridge spanning the seeming separation between you and me and each time we walk it it grows shorter.

I like Lesson 62 because it has a nuts-and-bolts feel to it. This – forgiveness – is what we have to do to experience ourselves as the light of the world. And happiness is the sure result.

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