A Course in Miracles Lesson 64

Let me not forget my function.

I love this ACIM lesson for its simplicity and its power. It states that it’s another way of saying “let me not wander into temptation (W-pI.64.1:1.)” But it’s also another way of saying that if we focus our attention exclusively on the Kingdom of Heaven, then it’s the Kingdom of Heaven that we’ll experience. There is nothing else to do. And now is the time to do it.

My role in salvation is to practice forgiveness. This is accomplished by accepting the Atonement for myself – which is another way of saying that I turn to Jesus and the Holy Spirit in all things. Jesus controls what does not matter and guides me in that which does matter.

At first, this is unfamiliar to us. We are used to being the boss of our own lives – and stubbornly cling to that role despite the abundant evidence that we’re not fit for the position. As we turn our lives over to God, trusting that all things will work for good, we are blessed with peace. We are blessed with happiness. This, in turn, deepens our commitment to faith, to this particular path and practice. We know it works. And we want more of that joy that comes from its working.

Indeed, this lesson nails it when it tells us to remember that the only choice available to us is whether to be happy or not (W-pI.64.4:4). How simple! And trusting that, how can any decision be difficult? We are always choosing between our happiness and what happiness is not. We could see peace instead of this! And it is our choice. And there is no thing and no body that can stop us from making that choice.

That is so simple that we think there must be something else to it. There must be some hidden meaning. There must be some mystery wrapped up in it. Let me break out the how-to books. But stop and ask for a moment: what if it’s true? What if we spent a day choosing happiness? Could we do that? If not, why not? It would undo conflict forever. It would bless everyone we encountered. It would truly render us “the light of the world.”

All we have to do – in all things – is remember our function. We are here to forgive. If – like me – you are prone to complicating things, and so you can’t quite remember what ACIM forgiveness is, or if you are tempted to exempt some people or ideas or things from your forgiveness, then remember that it’s all about being happy. If you’re not happy, you could be. Your unhappiness is a witness to the fact that you have chosen against forgiveness. Just choose differently. God didn’t make God difficult. We did. Choose differently. Don’t stop until you get it.

Lessons like this are hard because they are so damn simple. If we see that – really see it – then there’s nothing to do but bring it into application. Seeing the truth of “God wants us to be happy and by being happy we are saving the world” is all the action needed to undo the ego and end conflict and bring us to the condition of Heaven.

And so we have to resolve to really do it today. We have to decide that today is the day – we are going to wake up. We are going to choose for God by letting the Holy Spirit – which is our right mind – choose God for us. We are going to agree to be happy, because that’s what we wanted all along, and our happiness is going to be a light that will transform the entire world of our perception, and bless every brother and sister in it. We have to say that today is the day this happens. We are going to wake up. We are going to know peace and joy. No more waiting, no more analyzing, no more “yes but . . . ”

We are this close to Heaven. We really are! And so today, let’s step over the line. Let’s accomplish the last perceptual correction necessary. Let’s be happy, you and me. Let’s save the world.

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  1. Thanks Sean for your outstanding clarity and encouragement. I always try to follow up a workbook lesson with a visit to your website. Keep up the great work!

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