A Course in Miracles Lesson 82

The light of the world brings peace to every mind through my forgiveness.

Let me not forget my function.

This sequence of lessons is helpful because it combines a sort of cheerleading aspect¬† – my forgiveness is empowering the light of the world! – with a hard-nosed practicality – but I have to remember to actually practice forgiveness. In this way, these lessons drive home a core theme of A Course in Miracles: we aren’t going to Heaven alone or even single file. We’re going together. We’re are going hand in hand. There is no other way.

So vigilance is required. And it’s a vigilance that is grounded in love – not defensiveness. We aren’t trying to protect anything. We’re trying to give something away. Even if we are still confused about how this whole¬†to-have-all-give-all thing works, we can at least acknowledge that it offers a better way forward than anything the ego cooked up.

Our forgiveness – which is a kind of right seeing that does not relate to the individual at the level of individuality – activates a healing light. This can sound awfully metaphysical, but we don’t have to complicate it. It is actually a metaphor for Love – the sort of love that makes it possible to actually refer to people the egoic self hates as brother and sister and mean it. We have to appreciate the fact that we can’t – as we presently understand ourselves – love in this way without help. Some transformation is called for. It is necessary and inevitable.

That’s one thing a review lesson – diligently applied – can do. It can facilitate that needed transformation. The lessons take time. They bear repetition. They must be clarified, understood, brought into our lives through application. As we integrate them into our lives this way, the corrective action inherent in them helps to make us whole. And we understand our wholeness not as a personal accomplishment, but as a sort of giving away. To be whole is to be without the tiny self to which we are shackled.

Part of this is not of us – the Light that the lessons bring into being is of God. It is a gift that we activate. But the activation process is of us – it is our willingness to accept the gift by extending, by offering it to our brothers and sisters. It is on behalf of the Light that we are called to be vigilant. It is a process, one that is deeply natural but unfamiliar. And so we have to practice. We have to come back to it over and over. Forgiveness is our function. It’s how the world is changed.

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