A Course in Miracles Lesson 83

My only function is the one God gave me.

My happiness and my function are one.

The end of conflict is indeed our objective. It seems impossible and in worldly terms it is. Our lives and the world in which they play out are premised on conflict, the idea that one wins at another’s expense. Survival is the real goal. Survival at any cost.

Into that disturbing and hopeless circle come the lessons of A Course in Miracles. These two – 65 and 66 respectively – make clear that the end of conflict is not only possible but necessary. And they sweeten the pot, so to speak, by reminding us that our happiness depends on bringing conflict to an end. There is no other way to know the joy and peace of God.

When we bring our lives into accord with God’s will, we are essentially laying aside all our own plans and ambition. It sounds apocalyptic, but we are laying aside the self. Do with me what you will, God. I’m ready. And God instructs us to extend forgiveness – to see the world as it really is, and our brothers and sisters, too, and from that space of true seeing, to offer only blessing.

Forgiveness reveals the truth simply by refusing to relate to anyone or anything at the level of error.

It’s not that getting to that point is easy – for a long time, lifetimes perhaps – it is not. Or so it seems. But when we begin, even a little, to align our will with God’s, to the best of our limited finite ability, we are taking enormous strides in ending the separation.

The Course makes clear to us that happiness as the ego understands it is really sadness. It is a form of death and attack. The pursuit of this kind of happiness – which again is the foundation of the world – can only lead to despair and hatred. So we have to revise and rethink our understanding of happiness.

We have to learn that true happiness – happiness that does not shift with the emotional winds, happiness that is not contingent on external conditions and circumstances – can only come from doing what God wills. When we are in the place of peace – when we attain the condition of truth – then we are happy. It surpasses what we think we know. It is not of the body.

Seeing the lessons again in the review periods allows us to appreciate the intensity of the learning they would bring about. We are being led on a radical path. This is no simple undoing! It is not just another approach to the same old problems. It is the end of problems altogether.

Often, in that space of seeing how radical the course is, we become discouraged. We decide it’s for spiritual giants or geniuses. But it is for us – it is literally for us. That’s why it came into the world and that’s why it’s on our plate. Because God wants us to use it to wake up and remember that we are truly home.

I often point out that awakening can happen with any sentence or any lesson. That goes for these review periods as well. We are always growing in our capacity to love on God’s terms. Don’t think it’s impossible. It’s happening right now.

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