A Course in Miracles Lesson 92

Miracles are seen in light, and light and strength are one.

A Course in Miracles urges us to learn how to look beyond appearances (W-pI.92.4:1), which is simultaneously an invitation. It is weakness to rely on the body’s eyes and other sense to perceive reality. Rely instead on the strength of God to keep a “steady gaze on the light that lies beyond [appearances]” (W-pI.92.4:2).

God’s strength – which is our strength – “unites with light, of which it is a part” (W-pI.92.4:3).

It sees itself. It brings the light in which your Self appears . . Strength is the truth about you; weakness is an idol falsely worshiped and adored that strength may be dispelled, and darkness rule where God appointed that there should be light (W-pI.92.4:4-5, 7).

The self is not a body; it is an abstraction. The truth of it is beyond denial. We know that we are. The course is asking us to make contact with the light in which we know that we are.

The suggestion is that this light – which establishes the self – is God, and thus is not separate from what it establishes.

It gives its strength to everyone who asks, in limitless supply. It sees that lack in anyone would be lack in all. And so it gives its light that all may see and benefit as one (W-pI.92.5:4-6).

Absent our remembrance of that light, we live in darkness, and in darkness we perceive ourselves as weak. Our weakness brings forth differences rather than sameness, and emphasizes isolation over unity. It “judges and condemns, but does not love” (W-pI.92.6:3).

Thus, our goal is to perceive the light that arises in us as God’s gift to us in Creation, and which serves as our strength, reminding us only of love.

Strength and light unite in you, and where they meet, your Self stands ready to embrace you as Its Own. Such is the meeting place we try today to find and rest in, for the Peace of God is where your Self, His Son, is waiting now to meet Itself again, and be as one (W-pI.92.9:2-3).

To remember love is to remember what we are in truth. It is to have something to offer the world: which is the peace of knowing that we are not separate from either our Creator or Creation, and that this oneness is our identity. It is our strength.

Here, A Course in Miracles is asking us to focus less on what we are and more on how we are going about our spiritual inquiry. It asks us to find the light of Christ and the strength of God, and make use of them as we deepen into our ongoing remembrance of truth.

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