A Course in Miracles Lesson 204

The Name of God is my inheritance.

Perhaps you are unsure of God’s Name. You think yours is “Sean” or “Mary” or “Douglas.” Maybe on a good day you can claim “Christ” for a few minutes. But Yahweh? El Shaddai?


But look. Even our accepted “names” for God are simply placeholders. God cannot be named as we understand names. For us, names point to bodies, to objects. This is “Sean. That’s a “pine tree.”

Names are an aspect of separation, cherished by ego because of how sensitive we become with respect to them. They are limits that fragment what is whole. We think naming a thing means we know it, and that we know it nature and origin. But we are confused. That is why the Holy Spirit uses them differently, starting with the Name of God.

Here me: you and I have forgotten God’s Name. It is not a word. It cannot be expressed by human vocal cords nor contained by an alphabet.

The Name of God is what you know when you know your own self prior to language. When our Buddhist brothers and sisters ask us what was our face before we were born, they are reframing the question. But the point is the same: we are reaching deeper than personality. We are reaching deeper than what is personal.

What you are and what God is transcends language. Indeed, what you are and what God is transcends identification. If this makes today’s lesson more complicated, that’s okay! Remembering God’s Name liberates us from time and all the illusions of the body and the world.

We rest today in what we are, asking nothing but the grace to place nothing else before us – no word, no image, no ideal. We accept our inheritance by embracing our creation.

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