A Course in Miracles Lesson 205

I want the peace of God.

To say that we want the peace of God is easy. To mean it is another level. It shifts our focus entirely, and our lives become dedicated to God’s peace without qualification or condition. There is nothing else to want.

When we accept that we are not bodies, but remain as God created us, we effectively declare that we are done with sharing the world’s values. We are no longer going to be driven by its definition of success or happiness or order.

We are turning away from the world, not because we reject it – there is nothing there to reject – but because we know at last that true happiness can only be found in God’s Love. The world is not our home; while we pass through it as aliens, we are going to hold in mind the one true thing we can know in this world: we are not the authors of our self, and so we must remain as God created us.

The rest is a question of faith, right? Our faith that God does not make mistakes, that God only creates what is loving, that everything other than Love is an illusion.

We say “yes” to God and then we let go and see what happens.

The key to this review is to give attention to the depth of our want. Are we just saying the words or is it our truth? It is okay to just say the words. Fear and delay are not crimes against God or nature. It is good to see them clearly, because seeing them clearly teaches us what we need to work on next.

God’s peace is already given. It is simply a question of what we are ready to recognize and accept. Let us be honest today in asking and answering the question; doing so will shorten our journey home by many orders of magnitude.

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