A Course in Miracles Lesson 203

I call upon God’s Name and on my own.

To speak the Name of God is to speak our own name because God would not – indeed, could not – have it otherwise. As a child shares its name and identity with its family on earth, so in Creation do we share our identity with God, who is our Father and Mother, our unified Creator.

Our lives on earth are shaped by separation. This happens to all of us. We perceive evil and we know sin. No person is untouched by it, no day passes without its grim witness.

The temptation is to think we are called to respond to it in form – to go to war with evil, to hate hatred, to condemn condemnation in all its myriad forms.

And that is merely ego perpetuating the problem of separation by convincing us that we are apart from it, and can choose whether to help or hinder, which choice we will make according to how it benefits us.

And A Course in Miracles comes along and undoes all of that by insisting that nothing real can be threatend and nothing unreal exists. It teaches us that what we are in truth makes evil and sin impossible, illusions that are undone as simply as saying “yes to God and to God’s Love.

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