A Course in Miracles Lesson 206

Salvation of the world depends on me.

When we accept the invitation to remember God, and to know ourselves as God created us, we do not do it alone. Nor we do we do it only for ourselves. Our unity with all our brothers and sisters means that salvation is shared. There are not many minds awakening piecemeal but one mind awakening all at once.

Therefore, when we consider our practice of A Course in Miracles, it is incumbent on us to remember that it is a communal practice, one whose effects radiate outward through our family, our culture and the world.

The gifts that God gives us are the means to remember that God is Love and Love holds everything. They are the gifts of patience, kindness, mercy, and nonviolence that together heal our mind from the disease of separation. We have the means by which to heal our split mind and restore it to wholeness. But doing so requires us to be in relation with all our brothers and sisters.

The many classrooms the world offers us are always relationships. Even when we seem to be alone, we are in relationship. We do not know ourselves apart from our brothers and sisters, and apart from the world. In truth, it is not possible to be healed alone. When we see this clearly, then recognizing the salvation of world depends on us ceases to be a grandiose or intimidating statement and becomes instead a statement of fact whose clarity naturally instantiates further healing.

To know ourselves fully and truly as we are in Creation is to know God and to know as well that God is Love. This thought heals because the world is also a thought. The light of self-knowledge is healing because it reveals that nothing real can be threatened, and nothing unreal exists.

We are not separate from God, nor from one another. Appearances to the contrary are illusions, and it is given to us to undo them, gently and patiently forever, so that we might know at last the reality and truth of salavation.

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