A Course in Miracles Lesson 88

The light has come.

I am under no laws but God’s.

One of the premises of A Course in Miracles is that we are not inventing Heaven – the fruits of awakening – but simply realizing them. They are already in place. ACIM Lesson 75 is another variant on that, urging us to keep in mind that as we will there be light, we are not actually willing anything but what already is. It’s as if Jesus is telling us to simply relax – the hard work has already been doe.

I am always grateful for a chance to encounter and review this notion. It is a critical underpinning to the course and often, when I think I’ve got it, I see yet again that I’m still working on it. Beneath the sometimes zany idea that nothing is real, lies this calm assurance that the light is real, and the light is there and it always has been. There’s some comfort in that.

So what do we do? We just remind ourselves of this truth. We don’t have to struggle to make it real or even work to understand it. The truth is without effort, and so will our apprehension of it be without effort. We tell ourselves the light is here and even if we can’t see it or perceive it, we take it on faith. We trust.

And eventually, we start to encounter it – little gleams of insight, flashes of wisdom, stretches of peace. It’s there. We’re going to be okay.

And really, that is how the two lessons under review come together. We are under no laws but God’s because there are no other laws. Just as we are not choosing between the light and the shadows or the darkness, we are not choosing between submission to God’s laws or the laws of the world. There is no world that has any laws. It’s all light and it’s all according to God’s will. Period.

Thus, we begin to glimpse the intensity and the depth of the course. We begin to learn just how far the undoing reaches. It can be intimidating! It can seem like more than we’re capable of doing. Yet at the same time, if we are willing, we might also get a sense of its fundamental simplicity. This is the beauty of how absolute and unequivocal the course is. There are only two choices: the one that hurts and the one that doesn’t. If we’re hurting, then we know we’ve chosen wrong. And we can make another choice.

That’s really the point here – of the course in general and the review periods specifically. Let us come back to that place where we choose again – choosing love, choosing joy, choosing peace. Sooner or later, we’re bound to do it.

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