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Seeing with the Holy Spirit

The other day I was thinking about how we see with the Holy Spirit. I use that phrase – or one like it – a lot. It’s a key premise of awakening through A Course in Miracles. We have to choose the Holy Spirit as our teacher. We have to let go of the ego and see with the Holy Spirit. But what does that mean practically?

To use the lens of the Holy Spirit is simply to see wholly and without judgment. It’s a way of seeing another person or situation or memory without judging it. We don’t compare and contrast with previous experiences We just let it be in our awareness. By holding it there and not tainting it with it egoic ideas, we heal it. It is healed simply by our willingness to let it be itself.

For example, the other day I was on a long drive, and I was passing many beautiful homes. They were large and attractive. Many of them had a farm component – horses or cows. It was a New England postcard, right out of Robert Frost. Those scenes have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. And for reasons that I don’t know but can only make educated guesses about, they represent an ideal of success. I always thought I would live in one of those homes, on one of those large picturesque farms. But I don’t. And sometimes I am unhappy about that.

As I drove, feelings of envy arose. Feelings of scarcity. I was angry about what I have and what I don’t have. I would plot an ambitious course of writing and networking that would net me millions! Then I would tell myself anybody who lives in a big house must be spiritually deprived.

Those are familiar feelings! But as they came up, I didn’t do anything along the lines of management or control. I just let them be. I looked at them with the Holy Spirit. “Oh, look. Here comes the idea about being more spiritual than other people because my house is so small.”

Because I wasn’t judging the thoughts and feelings, it was easier to let them go. They weren’t as scary or intimidating. They were just thoughts. And I saw that each of them revolved around this idea of me in this body. I wanted security and safety for my life and the big New England farmhouse represented that. It was a symbol, nothing more. As soon as I was clear on that, a real peace flowed through me. There aren’t any houses that can provide us security or safety. That comes from our relationship with God. I trusted that completely. The rest of the drive felt very gentle and beautiful. It just flowed.

That is what I mean when I say that we have to “see” with Jesus or with the Holy Spirit. Just observe what is happening – how you are feeling, what you are thinking. It doesn’t matter if the thoughts are good or bad, whether they scare you or make you happy. Just let them be. If you can give them all your attention – if you can let them be in the field of your awareness – they will clarify and then fade. You will be free of them. It is nothing mystical, nothing mysterious. Just being aware of what is happening and giving it our attention in a spirit of trust and faith.

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